$5 Riviera Bobby Vee Casino Chip: Unique Chip for Your Collection

If you’ve been around casinos, you probably know that casino chips come in all colors and sizes. Most of these chips serve just one purpose – they are used as gaming tokens instead of cash. But, there are also many chips that casinos have created for special occasions or as memorabilia.

$5 Riviera Bobby casino chip

The $5 Riviera Bobby casino chip belongs to the latter group. It’s a $5 casino chip like any other in terms of value. However, it’s unlike your regular $5 chips that usually don’t look like much.

This one features the picture of one and only Bobby Vee (Robert Vinton).

The chip was designed and created in 1999 for Vinton’s Solid Gold Rock n’ Roll Show at Riviera Hotel and Casino. Only a limited number of these chips was available so you can only get your hands on one of them if you buy it from someone. People are selling them online, and prices aren’t too crazy.

Unique Casino Chips as Good Luck Tokens

If you like to gamble, you’re likely to be at least a bit superstitious. We all are to some degree once cards are in the air or slots reel start spinning, no matter how cool-headed and realistic we happen to be otherwise.

Going up against the house, some extra luck can never hurt, and what’s better way to get on Lady Luck’s good side than using a good luck charm?

People have been using all sorts of items as good luck charms over the years, but a unique, limited-edition casino chip such as the $5 Riviera Bobby Vee chip seems like a very fitting choice. Plus, it won’t attract too many strange looks when playing at live tables.

If you prefer gambling online, be it on casinos offering free spins on registration no deposit required or gambling for high stakes, having a good luck charm on your person certainly can’t hurt.

A casino chip is also a nice distraction and gives you something to keep your fingers busy while waiting for a spin to finish or a next hand to begin.

We can’t guarantee that $5 Riviera Bobby Vee chip will bring you good luck, but if you enjoy his music and his work, it certainly can’t hurt your chances. Even if it doesn’t help you win more often, having it around while you play will make your gaming experience more enjoyable, and that’s what really counts.