(1962) Lippert Films, color, 74 minutes,
DIRECTOR: Charles Barton
PRODUCER: Jack Leewood
SCREENPLAY: Arthur Morton
Tommy Noonan - Freddy
Peter Marshall - Duke
Barbara Eden - Carol Walker
Connie Gilchrist - Aunt Sophie
Carol Christensen - Ginny
Alan Carney - Officer Sullivan
Mike Mazurki - Bookie
Tommy Farrell - Georgie
Leonard Bremen - Willie
Terry Miele - Mrs. Crenshaw
Art Barker - Television Announcer

A comedy about a songwriting contest, originally released in 1961 as Double Trouble. Scenes were added of Ray Charles (doing "What'd I Say") and Bobby Vee (doing "More Than I Can Say").


Tommy Noonan, Peter Marshall and Carol Christensen


(1962) Allied Artists, black & white, 82 minutes
DIRECTOR: Michael Winner
PRODUCERS: Leslie Parkyn, Julian Wintle
Billy Fury - Billy Universe
Anna Palk - Ann
Michael Anderson Jr. - Alvin
Dennis Price - Sir Charles Bryant
Richard Wattis - Nervous Man
Helen Shapiro - Herself
Keith Hamshere - Ring-a-Ding
Ray Brooks - Freddy
Jeremy Bulloch - Joey
Maurice Kaufmann - Larry Granger
Peter Barkworth - Skinner
Max Bacon - Lotus Proprietor
Monty Landis - Beatnik Man
Felicity Young - Yvonne Bernie Winters - Sydney Norman


Good selection of early Sixties' performers woven through a plot about a bratty teenage rich girl looking for her boyfriend. Bobby sings "At A Time Like This."



Bobby Vee

Billy Fury

Billy Fury


(1963) Columbia Pictures, black & white, 85 minutes
DIRECTOR: Gordon Fleming
PRODUCER: Milton Subotsky
SCREENPLAY: Milton Subotsky
Mark Wynter - Mark
Cherry Vernon - Cherry
Richard Vernon - Prime Minister
Reginald Beckwith - Opposition Leader
John Wood - Official
Alan Freeman Disc Jockey
Jimmy Saville - Disc Jockey
David Jacobs - Disc Jockey
Jeremy Lloyd - Prime Minister's Son
Harry Fowler - Interviewer
Edwin Richfield - Man with Badge
Irene Handl - Housewife
Hugh Lloyd - Plumber
Dick Emery - Jury Panel
Mario Fabrizi - Diner

British teens win the right to vote, so the two major political parties try hard to win this new voting block to their side. Meanwhile, there's a parade of pop stars including Freddy Cannon, Ketty Lester, Jeremy Lloyd, Bobby Vee, The Crickets, The Springfields, Jet Harris, Tony Meehan, Joe Brown and the Bruvvers, The Tornadoes, Brian Poole and the Tremoloes and Johnny Tillotson. Bobby sings "All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me," and "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes." Too bad they didn't have priority helping them get their tickets. Nevertheless, these stars created a stir in the hearts of teenagers of their time.

The Springfields

Freddy Cannon

(1967) Paramount Pictures, color, 85 minutes
DIRECTOR: David Butler
PRODUCERS: John Herelandy, June Starr
Bobby Vee - Jesse Crawford
Jackie DeShannon - Judy Grant
Eddie Hodges - Eddie Stewart
Suzie Kaye - Bee Bee Vendemeer
Patsy Kelly - Mrs. Fitts
John Ireland Jr. - Rego
Mark Evans - Tim Grant
Russ Conway - John W. Grant
Jill Banner - Wendy
Kim Carnes - Melinda
Joy Tobin - Joy
Frank Alesia - Balta
Ken Osmond - The Beard
Don Crawford - Jeb Crawford
Tiger Joe Marsh - Spuko

Bobby Vee stars as a country boy gone to college. He romances the dean's daughter who also sings played by Jackie DeShannon. Their talents are soon exploited by a campus rabblerouser. Bobby sings "Instant Girl"





Bobby and Jackie DeShannon

Jackie DeShannon, Bobby, Kim Carnes,
Mark Evans and Jill Banner

Bobby and guitar

Bobby and the boys

John Ireland Jr., Jackie DeShannon and Bobby

Bobby and the boys and girls

Eddie Hodges as Eddie Stewart

Bobby and Jackie DeShannon

Joy Tobin and Eddie Hodges

Jackie DeShannon

Bobby and Jackie DeShannon

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